Burnout, coping strategies and job satisfaction in nurses





Objective: To determine the relationship between burnout, coping strategies, and job satisfaction among nurses working in the COVID care area in East Lima.

Materials and Methods: A quantitative, descriptive, and correlational study was conducted with the participation of 300 Peruvian nurses who worked in high-risk COVID-19 services during the health emergency.

Results: Spearman's Rho test showed a result of 0.223 (p<0.01) for the burnout syndrome and coping strategies, indicating a positive, direct, and highly significant relationship. The relationship between the burnout syndrome and job satisfaction was -0.627 (p<0.01), indicating a negative, inverse, and highly significant relationship. Finally, the relationship between coping strategies and job satisfaction had a result of 0.368 (p<0.01), indicating a positive, direct, and highly significant relationship. Regarding the prediction of the variables, the coefficient of determination (adjusted R2) was analyzed, obtaining a result of 0.444, indicating that 44.4% of the variability in job satisfaction is explained by the variables of burnout syndrome and coping strategies.

Conclusions: There is a significant (ANOVA F=120.353, p=0.000) linear relationship between job satisfaction as the criterion variable, and burnout syndrome and coping strategies as predictor variables.


Keywords: Nurses; Burnout; Coping strategies; Job satisfaction; Prediction.




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Author Biographies

Jessica Esther Ilasaca-Ortega, Peruvian Union University

Graduated in nursing from the Universidad Peruana Unión (UPeU), she completed her studies specializing in oncology and a Master's degree in Nursing Administration and Management. In her work experience, she worked as a healthcare provider in private clinics and the public sector, as well as as a practical teacher for undergraduate programs. Currently, she works as Head of the Clinical Simulation Center and academic coordinator of the Nursing Process Diploma: Interrelation NANDA NOC, NIC . at UPeU.

Rut Catalina Epiquien-Rojas, Peruvian Union University

Bachelor in Nursing and graduate in nursing from the Faculty of Health Sciences-School of Nursing of the National University “Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza de Amazonas”, 2014-I. Title of Specialist in a Surgical Center, trained at the Federico Villareal National University, from 2017-II to 2018-I. Graduated from the Master of Nursing in Administration and Management, from the Universidad Peruana Unión, from 2020-II to 2022-I and Diploma in: “Emergency and Emergency Nursing at the National University of Trujillo Post Graduate School” - Freedom.

María Magdalena Díaz-Orihuela , Professor, Universidad Peruana Unión

The Nursing graduate specialized in Intensive Care at the UPEU and in Emergencies and Emergencies at the Castilla La Mancha University, Spain. She is a specialist in statistics and health research, obtaining a degree from the UPEU. She complemented her education with a Master's degree in Nursing with an emphasis on administration and management, and another in Public Health with a focus on health services management, both completed at UPEU. Finally, she completed her academic training with a Doctorate in Business Administration from UPEU. In terms of work, she has worked as a care nurse and coordinator of social projects at the Ana Stahl Adventist Clinic, as well as a care nurse at the Good Hope Adventist Clinic and in the Intensive Care unit of the ATE Emergency Hospital. In addition, she has played the role of administrator at the UPEU Medical Office. Her experience has extended to the academic field as a teacher and researcher in Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs at UPEU.

Ana Lourdes Alberca-Lonzoy, Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen National Hospital, Universidad Peruana Unión

Graduated in Nursing, with studies completed in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Universidad Peruana Unión and currently works in the Occupational Health and Safety Unit of the Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen National Hospital, she has a published article titled "Strategies to reduce diarrhea, parasitosis and anemia in children under five years of age in the high Andean region of Peru", loves research since he believes it is the pillar of nursing.



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Ilasaca-Ortega, J. E. ., Epiquien-Rojas, R. C., Díaz-Orihuela , M. M., & Alberca-Lonzoy, A. L. . (2023). Burnout, coping strategies and job satisfaction in nurses. Horizonte Sanitario, 22(3), 643-649. https://doi.org/10.19136/hs.a22n3.5640



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