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  • About the Journal

    The journal Horizonte Sanitario is a quarterly publication, edited since August 2002 by the Juárez Autónoma University of Tabasco. Its primary objective is to contribute to scientific progress through the dissemination of research carried out in the field of Public Health Sciences and Health Administration in the form of editorials, original and review articles. Articles are published in  English Portuguese and Spanish in the form of editorials, original and review articles, has particular interest in topics of epidemiology, quality and management in health services, public and health policies, Economics and Health Marketing, sustainability and vulnerable populations. The editor-in-chief of the magazine is Dr. Heberto Romeo Priego Álvarez.

    The Horizonte Sanitario journal has free costs for the submission, evaluation, and publication  of articles. Authors are not charged for article processing  (APC),nor for submitting manuscripts to the journal  (Submission  Charges). All published articles are distributed under the Creative  Commons  Attribution - Non-Commercial license (International CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

    Reservation of rights to exclusive use 04-2013-070514594200-203 granted by the National Institute of Copyright.

    ISSN (online): 2007-7459| ISSN (print): 1665-3262


    Horizonte Sanitario. Academic Division of Health Sciences, Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco.

    Gregorio Méndez Magaña, # 2838-A, Colonia Tamulté, C.P. 86150, Villahermosa, Tabasco Mexico.

    E-mail: horizonsanitario@ujat.mx or horizonte.sanitario@hotmail.com.

    Telephone: (+52) 993 581500 ext. 6391.

    Website: https://revistas.ujat.mx/index.php/horizonte/home


    "Horizonte Sanitario" is included in the Classification System for Mexican Journals by the National Council of Sciences and Technology in the area of ​​Medicine and Health Sciences. It is indexed in the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO Citation Index), in the Scientific Information System (Redalyc). Horizonte Sanitario is also included the catalog of the Regional Online Information System for Scientific Journals of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal (Latindex). It is also found in the open information system of journals published in Spanish (Dialnet), in the Ibero-American Network of Innovation and Scientific Knowledge (REDIB), in the Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI), in the Index of Latin American Journals in Science of the General Directorate of Libraries of the National University of Mexico (Periodica), in Latin American Bibliography (Biblat), in the International Index (Actualidad Iberoamericana), in the Information Matrix for the Analysis of Magazines (MIAR), in the Virtual Library of Health (bvs), in Latin American and Caribbean Literature in Health Sciences (LILACS), and in the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER). It recently joined the (AURA), which is the space from which AmeliCA intends to reflect the general state of scientific journals regarding the opening policies and exploitation rights of scientific publication (DOAJ).

     Policy for the use of digital identifiers:

    The journal uses the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) since 2016. A DOI is assigned to all previous, present and future  articles published by the Journal.

    Institutional DOI: https://doi.org/10.47993/gmb.issn.2007-7459

     Repository and continuous publishing policy

    The journal allows authors to deposit versions of their work in an institutional(UJAT) repository or another type of their choice, as long as the original source (Horizonte Sanitario) is cited.

    Horizonte Sanitario adopts the continuous publication modality, that is, the already edited articles are published as soon as they are in their final version, they do not wait for the composition of a number or edition of the journal.

    Ethical standards and anti-plagiarism policies.

    The Horizonte Sanitario journal is committed to receiving manuscripts related to Public Health and the Health Administration and submitting them to peer review, respecting the confidentiality of the data, which will only be distributed to the editors, reviewers and/or experts consulted. The journal subscribes to the Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

    Use of artificial intelligence (AI)

    Health Horizon Journal requests an explicit statement on the use of artificial intelligence in scientific writing. If not used, you must place the following legend after the ethical considerations: The authors declare that they have not used any generative artificial intelligence application, software, or web pages in the writing of the manuscript, in the design of tables and figures, or in the analysis and interpretation. of the data.


    For Authors:

    The following are general requirements for all manuscripts submitted to the Journal Horizonte Sanitario:

    • Guarantee in a cover letter the originality or the manuscript and certify the contribution of each of the authors, complying with the criteria of authorship.
    • Declare that the manuscript is original.  The manuscript has not been previously published in other scientific publication in either print or electronic format, and that it is not in the process of being reviewed in another journal simultaneously. The author(s) certify that the manuscriptwill not  be submitted to any other journal for consideration  before knowing the decision editorial.
    • Mention if the work has been previously presented in book, paper or poster format.
    • Strictly follow the instructions to authors on the citation format. , to acknowledge the authorship of their own work and that of other authors.
    • Explain .  Adherence to national and international ethical guidelines.
    • Define approval by the research ethics committee and obtaining informed consent for research.
    • digitized digital copy of the Institutional Review Board’s ee approval letter needs to be submitted with the manuscript.
    • Point out possible conflicts of interest that could bias the work.
    • Describe the responsibility of the author(s) for the views expressed.
    • The authors have the right to manifest and spontaneous retraction of the partial or total content of their manuscript(s) at any time. The communication where this is done must be sufficiently explicit.
    • No changes or additions of authors will be accepted after the original manuscript submission.
    • In the event that there is any textual, graphic or tabular information that could affect the confidentiality in the handling of data and the integrity of individuals, institutions or communities, said information will NOT be published.
    • If there is any conflict of interest or any source of financing received, it must be indicated in all communication with Horizonte Sanitario.
    • The authors must notify the journal of any errors that that need to be corrected.

     For Reviewers:

    • Guarantee the confidentiality of the information obtained during the revision of the manuscripts.  Avoid individual or public comments on the content of the manuscript and do not use manuscript content  for personal or scientific purposes.  All materials received as part of the review process should be eliminate.
    • Declare and identify any potential conflict of interest and refraining from reviewing any manuscript with the potential for a conflict of interest..
    • Notify editors if you suspect inappropriate practices by authors.
    • Be objective, respectful and support the judgments issued, ensuring the quality of the work.
    • Comply with the delivery of the timely review, so as not to affect the editorial process, following the criteria established in the review form.
    • Comply with ethical values ​​regarding the information provided during the editorial process.
    • Keep the content of the manuscripts, the editorial process and the final destination of the works confidential.
    • All manuscript reviews must utilize the platform provided for such purpose,
    • Protect the anonymity of the authors by the editorial committee, during the editorial process, from receipt of the manuscript to the final decision.
    • All manuscript follow a double blind peer review process.

     For the Editorial Committee:

    • Avoid conflicts of interest that may affect the ability of peers and reviewers.
    • Prevent both the committee and the reviewers from using the information obtained in the work with manuscripts for private or private purposes.
    • Respond in a timely, clear and respectful manner to the authors, readers, members of the editorial committee or reviewers who make complaints, claims or clarifications in writing.
    • Refrain from publishing manuscripts of your authorship in the Journal .
    • Submit a report that documents the editorial decisions of the articles evaluated (accepted, rejected or request modifications).
    • Accept as valid and based on the principle of good faith, the statements that the authors make about intellectual property, the ethical statement, the sources of financing and the declarations of conflict of interest.
    • Facilitate the process of disseminating manuscripts? , ensuring an agile, timely process of assessment, review and editorial decision, in accordance with the available resources.
    • Contribute in the editorial process from the beginning of the review, selection of anonymous reviewers to the final decision.  Take into account the quality, originality, relevance, advancement of knowledge of public health and health administration in the articles.
    • Verify that published articles comply with all relevant ethical and quality standards.
    • Ensure that internal and external authors are on an equal footing during the editorial process, taking into account only quality, originality, relevance and advancement of knowledge.
    • Grant full authority to the editorial committee in the editorial decisions of selection, evaluation and publication of all manuscripts; attending only to the quality, originality, relevance, advancement of knowledge of public health and health administration in the articles, without interference from funders and promoters.
    • Express critical views freely, responsibly, without fear of reprisals, even if they differ from funders and promoters.
    • Include for consideration of publication, manuscripts with inconclusive findings or that are not statistically significant, to the extent that the reviewers and the editorial committee consider that they can contribute to the advancement of knowledge.
    • Pay attention to the occurrence of causes ales of withdrawal of the articles, consisting of breaches of ethics that include fraud, deceit and injury to copyright.

    Horizonte Sanitario believes that partnering with patients, their families, patient advocacy groups, and the general public is an essential ethical imperative to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness, and sustainability of health care.

    Originality verification:

    To avoid plagiarism and guarantee originality, all articles received will be submitted to  the iThenticate program for review prior to the start of the arbitration process.

    Digital preservation policies

    Through the Open Journal System (OJS), Horizonte Sanitario has an archiving system that guarantees its digital preservation. This magazine keeps the PKP (PN) activated. The archived numbers can be consulted in the editorial manifest LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) that guarantees a permanent and secure archive. LOCKSS is an open source program developed by the Stanford University Library that enables libraries to preserve journals and in CLOCKSS (Controlled Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) to guarantee a permanent and secure archive for the journal. CLOCKSS is based on the LOCKSS open source software developed at the Stanford University Library that allows libraries to curate journals.

    Horizonte Sanitario is likewise, stored in the Institutional Repository of the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco:(http://ri.ujat.mx/handle/20.500.12107/269), Dialnet and in other databases from the date of its inclusion. .

    The authors have permission to host their works once published on personal, institutional or research pages as long as they provide credit to Horizonte Sanitario

    Inappropriate conduct and sanctions:

    The Horizonte Sanitario Journal considers the following practices to be inappropriate and provide the basis for thethe rejection of manuscripts or the withdrawal of published articles:

    • Copied from section fragments or independent parts of their length, without the corresponding quotation marks and citations, either from the works themselves (self-citation) or from other authors.
    • Partial or total production of fictitious data.
    • Falsification and manipulation of conclusions or data from other investigations or articles.
    • Falsely declare the authorship or co-authorship of the articles.
    • Submission of duplicate or simultaneous publication to another journal.

    If a reader suspects the occurrence of an inappropriate practice, she should notify the Editorial Bard as soon as possible.

    The publisher will investigate any case of of suspected inappropriate practices and will request an explanation from the authors.

    Any deviation from the points above will be investigated in accordance with the guidelines published by COPE (Committee of Publication Ethics) and will have a personalized response.

    If inappropriate practices are found during the review and publication process, it will be interrupted. If the article had been published, it will be withdrawn duly informing the interested parties.

    Peer review process

    All manuscripts undergo a preliminary review, in which it is determined whether they adhere to the editorial line and the standards of Horizonte Sanitario  Likewise, the originality of the writing is reviewed in the iThenticate program.  Once the first two steps are successfully completed, the manuscript is peer evaluated using a blind review process by two expert referees on the subject. To ensure confidentiality, the papers are sent to the arbitration process anonymously and the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers (double-blind). In case of discrepancy between the opinions of the first two reviewers, it is submitted to a third reviewer under the same anonymous process.


    The arbitration body of the journal is made up mostly of external and independent researchers from the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, experts in the various disciplinary fields of Public Health and Health Administration who ethically carry out the review processes .

    open access policy

    This journal provides open access to its content, based on the principle that offering the public free access to research helps a greater global exchange of knowledge.


    The Journal Horizonte Sanitary is edited and fully financed by the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, it is completely free and freely accessible, non-profit.


    We compulsorily request all authors interested in publishing in Horizonte Sanitario to review the declaration, fill out the a checklist and flow diagrams of CONSORT (Click here to download) (Clinical trials), STROBE (Click here to download) (Observational studies), PRISMA (Click here to download) (Systematic reviews), SRQR (Click here to download) (Qualitative research), check your keywords in DECS (Click here to download), and record your author record in ORCID (Click here to download).

    Privacy statement

    The personal data of the authors (names, telephone numbers and email addresses) entered in this magazine will be used exclusively for the purposes established in it and will not be provided to third parties or used for other purposes.