Transversal competencies of the clinical tutor specializing in nursing care in the appreciation of students




Objective: To analyze the transversal competences of the clinical tutors in the Unique Program of Specializations in Nursing of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in terms of the perceptions of its graduates to identify areas of opportunity regarding the formation through clinical tutoring.

Material and Methods: This is a descriptive and transversal study. The unit of analysis is the graduate nursing student. Clinical tutoring was analyzed with an instrument which was validated by the panel of experts and which was adjusted after using a related pilot study with self-administered surveys through the Google platform. The sample was constituted by 448 graduates.

Results: Descriptive statistics show the major frequencies in the discipline related dimension, and the minor frequencies in the clinical teaching related dimension. In general, the dimensions considered for transversal competency show weaknesses which can be related to the attention to emotional difficulties, the decision making at the site, and the management of interpersonal conflicts, besides the tutoring planning.

Conclusion: Clinical tutoring in Graduate Nursing is a pivot which strengthens the bases to address clinical problems and use the scientific evidence and its expression in specialized care. The dimensions considered for transversal competency show that, in the development of interpersonal and communication skills, there are strategic actions which can be leveraged to promote the interaction with patients, families, and other health professionals within the clinical context.


Keywords: Clinical preceptorship, Mentoring, Preceptorship, Competency-Based Education.


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Author Biographies

  • Gandhy Ponce Gómez, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

    Graduate, Master and Doctor in Nursing. She is a member of the person's life and health care line. Subline Care in Life Transitions. Care for people with cancer, care experiences, care management systems. Participation in individual research projects, Transformation of felt corporality, the experience of the person with cancer 2016. The gender experience of living with a colostomy due to colon cancer 2018. She has published work in magazines, books and book chapters . National Researcher Level 1. She collaborates in the Interdisciplinary Group for Research and Innovation in Educational Evaluation in Nursing (GIIIDEEE).

  • Alejandra Valencia Cruz, Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

    Graduate in Psychology from the FES Iztacala and Doctor in Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology of the UNAM. She is a Full Professor assigned to the Division of Graduate Studies, Educational Area, member of the Psychometrics and Evaluation Laboratory and Tutor of the Institutional Tutoring Program of the Faculty of Psychology, UNAM. She is an expert in statistics and methodology. She has taught courses on these topics at the undergraduate and graduate levels and has advised on projects in both the public and private spheres. As a tutor, she is focused on professional guidance which is linked to the life project and promotion of the development of life skills. She has collaborated in 13 research projects on teaching statistics, motivational processes, parenting styles and their relationship with adolescent psychosocial development, school-home collaboration, emotional aspects related to learning and school resilience. Currently, her lines of research focus on the promotion of competencies
    socio-emotional for the university-workplace transition, transdisciplinary training and risk and protective factors associated with school resilience.

  • Graciela González Juárez, National Autonomous University of Mexico-National School of Nursing and Midwifery

     She completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the National School of
    Iztacala Professional Studies (Current Iztacala Faculty of Higher Studies). She is
    Master in School Psychology from the UNAM Psychology Program and Doctor in
    Pedagogy from UNAM; she degrees obtained with honors and in the doctorate she was distinguished
    with the Alfonso Caso Medal. She completed a postdoctoral stay at the Technological Institute
    of Higher Studies of the West (ITESO) with CONACyT support. She chairs the group
    Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation in Educational Evaluation in Nursing
    (GIIIIDEEE). She has published work in magazines, books and book chapters.







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