Quality Service: servqual methodology and patient satisfaction in hospitals





Objective: Determine the relationship between the satisfaction of hospitalized patients and the quality of service in a public hospital in the State of Guanajuato, through the SERVQUAL methodology.

Materials and methods: Correlational quantitative design study and validation of measurement instruments. 191 patients of four hospital service were interviewed.

Results: The results confirmed that the questionnaire used meets the reliability parameters. Additionally, a multiple linear regression analysis was carried out to identify the SERVQUAL factors that influence patient satisfaction and it was found that the influential factors are tangibility, reliability, security and empathy (F=111.17, p < 0.001), which indicates a highly significant relationship.

Conclusions: The SERVQUAL variables identified as influencing service quality present a positive association (tangibility, reliability and empathy). The responsiveness variable does not present a significant value in the regression. However, the security variable presents a negative association which implies that the patient perceives that there is a lack of communication in the procedures applied by the staff and the kindness with which he is cared for.


Keywords: Quality control, public health, Patient Safety.


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Author Biographies

María Teresa de la Garza-Carranza, Tecnológico Nacional de México en Celaya

Doctor in Administrative Sciences from the IPN, Professor-Researcher at the National Technology of Mexico in Celaya. She belongs to the National System of Researchers level 1. She is assigned to the department of Economic-Administrative Sciences.

Alejandra Calderón-Pérez, National Technological Institute of Mexico in Celaya

Bachelor's degree in Nutrition, postgraduate student in Administrative Management at the Tecnológico Nacional de México in Celaya.

Mónica Lucía Reyes-Berlanga, Mexican Social Security Institute, HGZ no. 2 Irapuato

Pediatrician with a specialty in infectious diseases, Doctor in Administration and Organizational Studies from the Universidad de la Salle Bajío. She is assigned to the IMSS HGZ MF2 in Irapuato.

María Angelica García-Torres, Mexican Social Security Institute, HGZ no. 2 Irapuato

Graduate in nursing and midwifery from UNAM, with a Master's degree in nursing. She is head of nursing, attached to the Mexican Social Security Institute, HGZ no. 2 Irapuato.



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de la Garza-Carranza, M. T., Calderón-Pérez, A., Reyes-Berlanga, M. L., & García-Torres, M. A. (2024). Quality Service: servqual methodology and patient satisfaction in hospitals. Horizonte Sanitario, 23(1), 73-81. https://doi.org/10.19136/hs.a23n1.5697



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