Marketsforthecommercializationofeducationalhealthservicesofferedby Cuba




Objective: Characterize the markets for educational health services offered by Cuba.
Material and Method: Study of technological development, using qualitative and quantitative techniques. Based on the bibliographic review, the dimensions in which the variables were grouped, their operationalization, scale, indicator or index were established. Questionnaires were constructed and validated to obtain the information, which was summarized in frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and range. To measure the coincidence between the observers, the Cohen's Kappa Index was used, the confidence interval for Kappa was calculated, the standard error was estimated and it was interpreted using the scale proposed by Landis and Koch.
Results: A list of countries was obtained as current and potential markets, in which there is a coincidence by the key informants consulted, supported by statistical tests. The countries identified as current and potential markets have very similar characteristics; They only differ in the variables: associations, unions or groups in the health sector that have declared resistance or opposition to commercial health relations with Cuba and difficulties in purchasing power to access educational services personally or for their family.
Conclusions: The information obtained, limited to the countries that currently demand or have requested educational services, guides to encourage the current market, concentrating resources on maintaining them. The elaborated methodology allows new studies to be carried out in greater depth to identify potential markets and their segmentation. Set guidelines for your employment in the public sector internationally.

Keywords: Market; Offer; Services; educational; Health.


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Author Biography

Jenry Carreño Cuador, Cuban Ministry of Public Health official

Dr. Jenry Carreño Cuador is a native of the province of Pinar de Río, he was born on October 18, 1972, graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in 1997 at the "Ernesto Che Guevara" Faculty of Medical Sciences.
Doctor of Health Sciences, First and Second Degree Specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine, Master's Degree in Infectious Diseases, Diploma in Higher Medical Education, Public Administration and Hospital Administration. Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Medical Sciences ¨Enrique Cabrera¨ of the University of Medical Sciences of Havana, member of the Cuban Society of Family Medicine, Higher Medical Education and Aspiring Member of the Ibero-American Health Marketing Network.

He began his working life as a family doctor at the ¨Hermanos Cruz¨ Polyclinic in Pinar del Río, he was an official of the Vice Ministry of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2005, First Vice Dean and Dean of the Cuban Faculty of Ophthalmology 2008-2010 . In the Central Unit for Medical Cooperation, Head of the Management Center 2011 and First Deputy Director 2012-2015. Director of the International Health Center
¨La Pradera¨ 2015-2017 and official of the Ministry of Public Health from 2017 to the present.
He has several distinctions and recognitions. Research lines: Public Health, Infectious Diseases, International Cooperation in Health and Marketing of Medical Services.

He has participated in 50 national and international scientific events as a delegate, guest or speaker.
With more than 30 postgraduate courses and training related to health sciences, international cooperation and administration; In addition, more than 20 scientific publications.



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