Lifestyles acquired during confinement by COVID-19 in childhood: a systematic review




Objective: To know the scientific evidence to identify patterns of changes in lifestyles during childhood and their association with various anthropometric parameters in infants caused during confinement by COVID-19.

Materials and methods: A systematic analysis was carried out following the guidelines of the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) guide in the PubMed and Google Schoolar databases, the keywords used were diabetes mellitus tipo 2 or diabetes mellitus type II, hipertensión or hypertension, cuarentena or quarantine, covid-19, infantes or child, estilos de vida saludables or healthy lifestyles, sedentarismo or sedentarism, comportamientos alimentarios or eating behaviors. The search was carried out from April 2019 to June 2022.

Results: The search yielded 221 articles, only 5 articles met the inclusion, exclusion and quality criteria, which show that the COVID-19 confinement caused changes in lifestyles. life that were mainly associated with a sedentary lifestyle during childhood.

Conclusions: There is little information on the effects that COVID-19 confinement has caused on the lifestyles of infants, the existing information shows changes in pro-healthy eating habits in infants and decreased physical activity; therefore, activities aimed at guardians or responsible adults are recommended so that they can supervise feeding and improve nutrition, as well as carry out activities that encourage physical activity.


Keywords: Healthy lifestyle; Quarentine; COVID-19; child; Feeding behavior


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  • Yeimy Mar De León Ramírez, Public Health Institute, Veracruzana University

    Dr. De León is currently a post-doctoral student attached to the biomedicine laboratory applied to public health at the Universidad Veacruzana, under the guidance of Dr. Omar Elind Arroyo Helguera attached as a full-time Researcher at the Institute of Public Health of the Universidad Veracruzana.

  • Xcaret Alexa Hernández Dominguez, Faculty of Biology, Veracruzana University

    Bachelor of Biology, currently assigned as a thesis student in the Laboratory of Biomedicine applied to Public Health of the Institute of Public Health of the Universidad Veracruzana

  • Omar Elind Arroyo-Helguera, Public Health Institute, Veracruzana University

    PhD in Biomedical Sciences, Professor-Researcher of the Laboratory of Biomedicine Applied to Public Health, Institute of Public Health. Veracruz University. Xalapa






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